PVC Containment

Through experience on site, it’s evident cable management is often over looked, or a corner many installers feel they can cut to save money, &, or time. As backbone cabling is effectively the arteries & veins of any business, it seems crazy not to provide the protection it deserves, to maintain the life of the office functionality – as well as for aesthetic reasons, which in our opinion is important too.

Cable management needn’t be unsightly – an effective, fully bespoke solution can provide your organisation with a long term, or short term resilient & adaptable containment system for copper, fibre &/or power cabling. PVC Conduit comes in 2 different sizes, to house various cabling types. Typically installed in common areas instead of standard PVC box Trunking, where curious fingers can lead to tampering, such as Schools.
Engineers at Evolved IT Solutions Ltd, have been involved with installing various containment systems since 1999, & have gained the experience & expertise to enable us to offer a broad range of solutions. Some of the PVC conduit features include;

  • Stylish compact designs
  • Lightweight construction
  • Surface mounted or concealed
  • Above or below ground level option available in accordance to the National Electrical Code
  • Easily shaped to contour any surface profile
  • High impact, non magnetic
  • Domestic or commercial use
  • Fully enclosed robust system
  • Available in 20mm & 25mm Black or White
  • Long term performance, and flexibility to adapt to expansion requirements
  • Light, medium or heavy duty, & vertical or horizontal applications
  • Exceeds European requirements
  • UL listed system conforming to NEMA TC-2 specification available
  • Complies with BS EN 50086

We believe all communications equipment should have ancillary support for cable management, regardless of the intended duration of its requirement. Our skill & expertise in this field, has helped us to provide the very best end product on every installation, with complete customer satisfaction on every occasion. Whether an extension to an existing installation, or a complete design & installation required - Evolved IT Solutions Ltd will implement the best design, meeting your needs to provide you with a high end solution, at lower end pricing, as with every project we are involved with from the offset. A bespoke, and well-designed, installed infrastructure containment will give;

  • Aesthetically pleasing space saving cable ways,
  • Non obtrusive presence with Black or White finish
  • Tighter security, protecting your cabling from accidental damage
  • Guaranteed robust and durable cable management
  • Easily accessible for additional cabling
  • Cost effective integrated, flexible and multiple functioning PVC containment saves on maintenance and future cable management costs 
  • Temporary or permanent facility
  • Internal or external application


"Our primary focus is to provide an excellent service and value for money."